I have forgotten my login information, what should I do?
If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset them here.  

Where do I view a webinar for which I’ve paid?
To view Series 1 webinars click here: https://shop.martyklein.com/training/
To view Series 2 webinars click here: https://shop.martyklein.com/2nd-2018-webinar-series/

  1. Click on the webinar you want to watch.
  2. Log in with the account you created when purchasing the webinar. If you do not remember your credentials you can reset them here.

Help! I can’t get onto today’s broadcast!
Remember, you need to log in to view the broadcast. If you can’t access the real-time broadcast, you can still access the full recording of it (including Q/A) anytime starting the following Monday.

How do I download the recording of the latest webinar?
At the bottom of the webinar screen click the button that says Download Webinar.

How do I download a pdf of the slides of the latest webinar?
At the bottom of the webinar screen click the button that says Download Slides.

How do I ask a question?
You can do so during the original webinar broadcast and through the weekend. Type your question into the box at the bottom of the screen while the webinar is broadcasting and click Send. Just for fun, enter your location, too. 

How can I view the Q/A from the latest webinar?
Starting the Monday after the broadcast the Q/A will be at the bottom of the webinar screen.

How do I get CEUs?
CEUs are available for those purchasing a 4-session package. At the beginning of each webinar you’ll see a slide with 2 questions you’ll need to answer; for your convenience you’ll also receive an email reminding you of the 2 questions. At the conclusion of the 4-part series, complete and submit the form at https://shop.martyklein.com/continuing-education-units/ and you’ll receive your certificate(s).

How do I purchase more webinars?
Go to https://shop.martyklein.com/product-category/webinars/

How do I contact Dr. Klein?
Email Klein@SexEd.org, or phone 650/856-6533.